Our homes will generally be built on a trailer base, will be less than 400 square feet (not including loft areas), and they will be certified to Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) standards. In some cases, custom-built units may be skid-mounted or exceed 400 square feet depending on the application.

Tiny Homes on Wheels

Our Tiny Homes on Wheels have maximum outside dimensions of 8.5' wide and 13.5' tall, and will range from about 160 to over 250 sq. ft. They can generally be towed using a 1/2 ton to 1-ton truck, depending on weight, and do not require any special permits to travel on public roads. They can be parked at most RV parks and resorts (each park and resort has its own rules, so always check ahead of time). All of our tiny homes on wheels will have RV-style utility hook-ups, and can also come with the capability of going completely off-grid if desired.

Park Model Homes

Our park model homes will come in various widths ranging from about 11 feet to 15 feet, heights up to about 15 feet, with a total area of just under 400 square feet. These homes will generally be larger than the tiny homes on wheels, with larger appliances and more storage options, but are more limited on mobility. They can be towed – however, they will require a larger, specialized truck with permits and route restrictions.

Camper Rentals

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